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My garden pictures May/June 2024

I already knew two or three years ago that my garden would be anything but classic. In 2024, however, it looks really natural for the first time. It may not be a 100% natural garden yet, but it is clearly moving in that direction. And that's mainly thanks to the fact that I've converted my lawns into meadows.

As a result, the garden has survived the first dry spell of the year very well. In the south of the country, people are groaning under the masses of water that have been coming down from the sky for weeks. Here in Brandenburg - as always - hardly a drop has fallen. Nevertheless, the grass doesn't look dry.

The meadow gives the garden a different - in my opinion more vital - appearance, even if the flowers don't immediately catch the eye...

Most of them are quite inconspicuous plants, such as the heath carnation (pictured above), which has spread across almost the entire meadow. It is obvious that it appreciates nutrient-poor soil and plenty of sunshine. Margarites and viper's bugloss have also spread. However, the latter will only bloom in the coming weeks.

The blue-flowering catmint is also obviously feeling right at home in the Märkische Sand. The perennials planted last year have spread considerably and have been flowering non-stop for over a month now.

My kolkwitzia and hawthorn bushes have also shot up: This is probably due to the recent wet winter. In any case, they already provide plenty of shade and cool the surrounding air. This year, however, they have only flowered sparingly: The late frost at the beginning of May was (not only) hard on them.

There don't seem to be as many ants as usual this year. The aphids aren't bothering my plants as much either. But the mosquitoes are swarming around! After gardening, I'm always completely stung...

Last week we harvested our first strawberries, which were planted in every conceivable corner and pot in the garden and have been spreading freely ever since.

Like every year, I grew the tomatoes from seed. This time, however, I didn't use bought seeds, but simply scraped the seeds out of the tomatoes from the Solawi and dried them. However, the plants have not yet produced any flowers, which makes me a little doubtful as to whether they will ever bear fruit. Let's hope for the best!!!

I also grew the dragon's head (in the front of the hanging basket) from seed. The plant doubles in size and then bears beautiful dark blue flowers. Whether with or without flowers, the herb can be brewed and drunk as tea. It tastes wonderfully lemony!

I was surprised about the above useful plant that suddenly appeared in my flower pot: it is a small walnut tree. How did I know that? I wanted to remove the "weed" and instead of a root, a walnut appeared. Who could have put it in the ground there?

I would have loved to present my numerous roses at this point*, but unfortunately they are still not flowering, or only very slowly. Fortunately, however, they have an incredible number of flower buds. So it's only a matter of time before my garden becomes a little more colorful. I'm looking forward to it 🙂


*And here they are, my rose pictures from June 2024:

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  1. Queen All

    I would also love a natural garden like this. But I haven't managed to inspire my husband yet. So I'm working my way forward in small steps and keep giving him new ideas for plants and beds.
    I've also wondered about walnuts in our perennials several times. You don't see any squirrels here, but I have found a nut in many perennials after pruning in spring. And they definitely weren't there last year. However, none have made it to the tree 😄

    • Miss Mint

      I only see squirrels in our garden once in a blue moon, which is probably due to our dog, who loves to chase the poor squirrels... Maybe a jay has hidden the nut? In any case, birds are also known to hide nuts. And we really do have plenty of jays here.

      • Queen All

        That must be it! I've already spotted a jay, thanks for the tip 😊

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