Exercises in responsibility

I can't remember exactly why I started Qi Gong. I probably wanted to strengthen my back and also learn a few relaxation exercises. At the time, there was only one course to choose from at our local adult education center, so I attended that one. 

This year, the former trainer, who no longer wanted to live in Potsdam and therefore moved to Amrum, was replaced by a new one, who emphasizes the meditation character of Qi Gong rather than the movements.... Full article

There is no right life in the wrong one

The other day I was standing at a streetcar stop in Potsdam, waiting for the streetcar, when my gaze fell on an elderly woman and her two granddaughters, who were also waiting just three meters away from me. 

One of the girls was so small that she was strapped into the buggy, with her grandmother clinging to the handles, the corners of her mouth hanging down like a bulldog's.... Full Article

The Wikkelhouse by Fiction Factory - A revolution in architecture


Architecture is constantly on the lookout for new possibilities. Innovations that not only shape the face of our cities, but also challenge our ideas of living and sustainability. One outstanding example of this is the Wikkelhouse, a revolutionary design by Dutch firm Fiction Factory. Behind this unique concept lies a fascinating fusion of design, sustainability and functionality.... Full article

Closer to nature

My garden pictures May/June 2024

I already knew two or three years ago that my garden would be anything but classic. In 2024, however, it looks really natural for the first time. It may not be a 100% natural garden yet, but it is clearly moving in that direction. And that's mainly thanks to the fact that I've converted my lawns into meadows.... Full article

How the summer heat affects houseplants

With summer comes not only the joy of sunny days, but also the challenge of protecting our houseplants from the heat. While we may be able to retreat to the shade or cooler rooms, our green roommates are directly exposed to the weather. But why do houseplants react so sensitively to summer heat and how can we best meet their needs during this time?... Full article

Trial & Error 2

Last week I arranged to meet Agnes for a swim and on the way to the pool I grilled her about her profession (she's a teacher) because I was also considering a career change into teaching in my search for a "new professional challenge". 

And what she told me was the most enlightening thing I've been told since I've been job hunting!... Full article

Trial & Error

The eternal question "What do I want?" is once again driving me today. And once again it revolves around the tiresome topic of career choice. 

I have applied for several jobs, none of which I really want. I was quite euphoric when I read the job descriptions. At the time, I found these jobs so suitable for me. ... Full article


In addition to the old warship, the Vasa Museum in Stockholm also has many smaller wooden ship models on display. When we were there the winter before last, I was particularly fascinated by the cross-section of the Vasa, where you can see how many levels the ship had and what they were used for. Objects, animals and people have been meticulously reproduced.... Full article

Climate-friendly gardening: 10 steps to greater sustainability

My blog Miss Mint has been dedicated to climate-smart gardening for some time now, but I've noticed that I've never explained what climate-smart gardening actually means. Whether it was about turning the lawn into a meadow or choosing drought-resistant plants that can withstand the hot and rainy summers, all these suggestions and measures were aimed at gardening in harmony with nature.... Full article

How an online tool helps with bed planning

What a useful tool, I thought when I saw the plant configurator for the first time. Why didn't someone come up with this brilliant idea before?

The plant configurator quickly answers the question often asked by new gardeners in particular: What do I plant?

To do this, simply enter the location conditions of the planned bed and the desired plant species (fruit, vegetables or herbs) in the filter and the configurator will spit out a few suggestions.... Full article

Tips for the correct cleaning and care of natural fences

A charming natural fence can emphasize the style of your garden, but needs a few maintenance sessions every now and then to stay beautiful and long-lasting. Whether wood, wicker or bamboo, all these natural materials require a certain treatment to protect them from moisture, pests and the rigors of the weather.

How to keep natural fences beautiful & robust for a long time

Regular cleaning with mild, pH-neutral soapy water, avoiding aggressive chemicals and high-pressure cleaners and applying protective glazes help to maintain the natural beauty of the natural fence and make it an attractive part of your garden that also contributes to environmental protection.... Full article

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